Unmatched opportunity for growth

Opportunities for businesses to grow and succeed

Offering access to diverse talent, dynamic partners and unmatched capital growth opportunities, the UK is positioned for expansion

The UK's offer

  • More venture capital investment than any other European hub in 2020, and more than France and Germany combined
  • The UK is the second largest investment management centre in the world, after the US
  • The UK’s fintech adoption rate is 71% - higher than comparator global financial centres and well above the global average of 64%
  • The world's top legal and accounting firms are active in the UK, providing vital support for growing businesses

Unparalleled opportunities for businesses

Locating in the UK brings firms close to deep reserves of capital for investment and large pools of clients, including the largest digital customer base in Europe. As one of the leading global centres for financial and professional services, firms enjoy the prestige of being located at the heart of the global markets, and the chance to partner with the world's most innovative firms. The UK's financial and professional services sector is unparalleled in scale and ranges from banking to insurance; asset management to foreign exchange; and professional services to fintech.





Providing financial services to the world

The UK is the world’s first choice supplier of financial services. Find out more about the UK’s financial services sector, and its role as a global leader in exporting financial services.

The world’s biggest exporter of financial services

The UK remains the world’s largest net exporter of financial services in 2021, with a trade surplus greater than the next 10 leading net exporting European countries combined.

Exporting over four times the worth of financial services than it imported, UK financial services accounted for almost 50% of the UK’s entire services trade surplus.

Image of a podium with UK in first place, US in second and Singapore in third

A vibrant investment environment

With thriving venture capital and private equity markets, the deepest and most liquid pools of capital in the world, and leading stock exchange main and growth markets, the UK offers the right form of funding for your firm, wherever you are in your growth. 


is the median early stage/seed round funding per start-up in London

compared with a global average of $494,000


The UK is Europe’s largest hub

for trading & clearing, equity markets, private equity & venture capital, asset management and banking


companies listed on the London Stock Exchange

from more than 100 countries


raised on the world’s leading international growth market (AIM) over 25 years

currently attracting businesses from 75 countries

More venture capital investment in the UK

Venture capital investment in the UK hit a record $15bn in 2020 – ahead of Germany ($6.9bn) and France ($6.1bn) combined 

A customer base of over 67 million

potential consumers, make up the fifth largest economy in the world

A customer base of over 67 million

Partner Story

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

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China International Capital Corporation

China International Capital Corporation

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Asset Vault

Asset Vault

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"When we were seeking investment there were a lot opportunities that we were exploring. Being in the City of London really helps as you have a lot of conversations with a lot of people and one conversation leads to another and gets you to where you need to be... Whatever it is, there is a huge number of well connected people in the City of London."

Gethin Jones and Laurent Sabatié, Co-Founders Skyline Partners

Scale, range and expertise

The UK's financial and professional services sector has unparalleled range: from banking to insurance; asset management to green finance; professional services to fintech. The knowledge, experience, performance and talent across each of the sector’s verticals in the UK is world class, making the UK uniquely positioned to provide financial and professional services to the world.

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