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BJSS - Shaping fintech innovation for over 25 years

Established in Leeds in 1993, BJSS has grown organically to become the UK’s leading privatelyowned IT and business consultancy.

Operating from ten locations across the UK (Leeds, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow) and two in the US (New York and Houston), the company employs 1,300 consultants and last year had annual revenue of £140m.

Most people in the UK will have made use of at least one of the award-winning solutions BJSS has delivered. From booking a flight to booking a hospital appointment, online shopping to online banking, BJSS has helped clients transform their business.

BJSS is a strategic delivery partner for leading retail and investment banks, financial institutions and FinTechs, and has achieved a number of ‘firsts’ in the sector. From an initial engagement to re-engineer back office systems for a European stock exchange, the company went on to transform the systems supporting 60% of the global interbank Foreign Exchange transactions.

In retail banking, BJSS ensured its client was the first in the UK to support Apple Pay. In 2005 BJSS delivered the world’s first P2P lending platform for its start-up client and has since supported many more new entrants to transform online banking, mortgage applications, payments and wealth management.

A reputation for excellence earned in the financial services sector has enabled BJSS to expand into other industries including retail, healthcare and central government. Recent engagements have included replacing nationally significant technology infrastructure working with NHS Digital, transformed the operation of several government departments and delivering the award-winning transformation of a retail membership programme.

BJSS has always worked to enable its clients to take advantage of advances in technology to deliver more value, more quickly. Last year, the company was awarded a Queen’s Award for Innovation in recognition of its successful software delivery approach that ensures high quality solutions to complex business problems across a range of industries.

With exciting growth plans across the UK and beyond, the company continues to recruit and retain the best skills from a diverse talent pool

Growth has exceeded industry norms for the past five years, and this trend looks set to continue. BJSS’ success has contributed to establishing the region as a tech centre, creating jobs and attracting talented people to the area. With exciting growth plans across the UK and beyond, the company continues to recruit and retain the best skills from a diverse talent pool by offering the chance to work in a unique culture and the opportunity to contribute to some of the most rewarding client engagements.

An imminent move to a new 30,000 sq ft flagship headquarters in the heart of Leeds underscores BJSS’ commitment to the city and its confidence in the future of Leeds as a leading digital technology centre


Leeds City region fintech ecosystem report 2019-2020

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