significant banking and legal hub



106,000 Financial and professional services jobs

A Financial Centre of Excellence, Leeds is home to a substantial cluster of banking - with 30 national and international banks, accountancy with 150 firms including the Big Four, and a growing insurance sector. It is primed to develop as a leading location for fintech and insuretech, and is home to the UK's first fintech accelerator outside of London. A hub of expertise, 63% of jobs in the financial services sector in Leeds are high skilled, and the city exports £2bn in financial services.

A major and established centre for legal services, 17,000 are employed in the sector, and the 'big six' law practices have a strong presence in Leeds, 

£77.75m Foreign direct investment in financial services between 2014 and 2018

Foreign direct investment of £77.75m in financial services brought 293 new financial services jobs to Leeds between 2014 and 2018.