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  • Choose from over 50,000 full-time consultants within the sector in the UK
  • Benefit from rapidly growing consulting skills in areas such as digital transformation, big data, artificial intelligence, and sustainability
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  • Recruit top talent: the consulting sector is one of the most popular industry choices among UK graduates

Access to Management Consultancy Experts

The UK consulting industry is recognised as one of the best in the world and it is a vital part of the country’s business landscape.

Management consulting has grown significantly in recent years against the backdrop of challenging global economic conditions. The UK saw a 25% year on year growth rate in consulting activity in 2022 – exceeding growth rates of 18% and 4.5% for the prior two years. Digital transformation and sustainability were top drivers of growth in the sector and are forecast to continue driving growth going forward.

One of the key features of the management consulting sector in the UK is the concentration of activity amongst a few large and medium-sized international firms at one end of the spectrum, and a large number of boutique specialist firms at the other end.

A global standing

The UK's management consulting sector is made up of a high skilled and international workforce and enjoys a reputation for quality around the world. Nearly a third (31%) of UK consultancy firms’ fee incomes were generated overseas between  2021 and 2022

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Supporting the wider economy

Professional services provide over 1.3m jobs across the UK, including 507,000 in management consultancy. Management consultancy also contributed £18bn to the UK economy in 2022.

Related professional services provide over 1.3 million jobs across Great Britain


Providing professional services to the world

The UK professional services sector continues to be a key contributor to the wider UK economy. Find out more about the UK’s professional sector, and its role in delivering leading professional services expertise across the world.

Digital first

More than half of UK consultants work in technology consulting, as they help provide highly sought-after advice to firms on digital transformation.  With cyber security also remaining the fastest growing service for UK consultants, as clients continue to seek advice on how to best protect themselves in an increasingly digitised world.

Management consultancy provided


jobs across the UK in 2021

Management consultancy contributed


to the UK economy in 2022

UK consulting industry revenues in 2022 estimated at


up from an estimated £14.5bn in 2021

Sustainability priorities expected to be the


growth area for consulting activity in 2023 (after digital technology)

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