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Management consultancy in the UK

  • Choose from over 45,000 consultants within the sector in the UK
  • Benefit from rapidly growing technology consulting skills in areas such as digital transformation, big data, artificial intelligence or the cloud Dominant position
  • Tap expertise from a world leading market
  • Recruit the keenest minds: the consulting sector is the most popular industry choice among UK graduates

Best in class

The UK consulting industry is recognised as one of the best in the world and it is a vital part of the country’s business landscape.

Management consulting has grown significantly in recent years. In 2018 the UK consulting market grew by 5.6% to £8.2bn, represents a 7 % global market share - making it one of the largest in Europe.  There is a strong domestic client demand for consulting services, and the sector is forecast to continue to grow strongly. One of the key features of the management consulting sector in the UK is the concentration of activity amongst a few large and medium-sized international firms at one end of the spectrum, and a large number of boutique specialist firms at the other end.

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A global standing

The UK's management consulting sector is made up of a high skilled and international workforce, and enjoys a reputation for quality around the world providing services worth £13.6bn to international customers. A quarter of UK consultancy firms' fees are generated by overseas clients.


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Strong demand forecast to continue

The size of the global management consulting market is expected to grow to $158bn in 2020. Representing almost 50% growth from the market size of $107bn in 2011.

Digital first

Almost 40% of the work conducted by consultants in the UK is now digital-related, as consultants help firms to adapt to tech as a major driver of change.

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