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  • Tap into strong domestic demand for accountancy services worth £27bn annually
  • Select from a pool of over 160,000 accountancy students in the UK and Ireland
  • Benefit from a leading market for accountancy services, with many of the largest global firms headquartered in London
  • Access the expertise of over 5,000 UK registered audit firms

Internationally recognised accountancy expertise in the UK

The accountancy industry in the UK is performing very strongly on the back of long-term investment into the profession and a sustained ability to attract high-quality talent, leading to one of the highest concentrations of accountancy professionals anywhere in the world.

Many of the largest global firms are headquartered in London, with offices UK wide, making the UK a leading market for accountancy, and the ideal location for individuals and firms from all sectors to tap financial expertise across an array of services.


Providing professional services to the world

The UK professional services sector continues to be a key contributor to the wider UK economy. Find out more about the UK’s professional sector, and its role in delivering leading professional services expertise across the world.

A growing market

The UK’s top accountancy firms have seen significant growth in recent years, despite challenging global economic conditions.

In 2022, they saw their average fee income rise by 15.5%, exceeding the 8.3% growth registered in 2021.The number of UK accountancy jobs has also increased, rising to almost 450,000 in 2021 – up 13% from 2017 and compared to a 3% increase for all sectors. 

The UK's top 100 accountancy firms have seen revenues grow


in UK accounting services exports

in 2021, a 22% year on year increase


in total UK fee income generated

by the UK’s top 100 accounting firms in 2022


contribution to UK GDP

from the UK accountancy profession in 2019

Major exporter

The UK has an outstanding international reputation for high quality professional services, is a major provider of accountancy expertise to individuals and companies worldwide and exports more accountancy services than it imports.

Top accountancy expertise

The UK’s 7 accountancy bodies have over 590,000 members worldwide. They play a key role in the development of accounting skills around the world.

Top accountancy expertise

UK global leader

UK accounting exports have more than doubled in the last decade

UK global leader

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