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  • Be part of the largest cyber security market in Europe valued at over £10bn
  • Choose from a talent pool of 58,000 people employed in the industry
  • Benefit from being part of the UK’s engine room for cyber innovation, supported by the UK’s National Cyber Strategy 2022-2030
  • Enjoy unmatched understanding of the needs of the industry
  • Join a growing cluster of cyber companies, from start-ups to small and medium sized enterprises, already in the UK

Access to innovative and effective cyber security expertise

The UK cyber security market is the largest, most concentrated, and most accessible cyber market in Europe. World-leading cyber firms are located here, taking advantage of exceptional pipelines for talent and investment. The UK provides ready access to cutting-edge cyber security expertise that will keep firms resilient and competitive as the cyber landscape evolves. 

A thriving UK cyber security sector is a key national security and prosperity aim - as set out in the Government's National Cyber Security Strategy. The strategy ensures that the UK remains confident, capable and resilient in this fast-moving digital world; and that it continues to adapt, innovate and invest in order to protect and promote our interests in cyberspace.  Meanwhile, the Government-funded London Office for Rapid Cyber Advancement (LORCA) is a centre for driving innovation and positioning the UK as a leader in the fast growing industry. 

Synthetic data solutions

The regulator's progressive mission for combating APP fraud

The regulator's progressive mission for combating APP fraud

Reflecting on the UK’s unique offer

For cyber security awareness month, we reflected on how the sector, government, and City of London Police are ensuring the UK remains safeguarded, and attractive to investment and innovation.

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Exporting cyber security services to the world

The UK is the third largest exporter of cyber security services globally. UK cyber security exports have grown from £4.2 billion in 2020 to £5 billion in 2021 (an increase of 20%).


The future of cyber insurance

28% of all cyber insurance flows through the City of London. Discover the ambition for London to become the pre-eminent global hub for cyber insurance, the benefits this will have for the broader UK, and how the London cyber security ecosystem and insurance industry can collaborate to achieve this.

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A growing sector

The UK cyber security market grew 3% in 2022, reaching over £10bn in revenue

A growing sector

Established community

There are nearly 600 established cyber security product and service providers within London alone

Established community

Access to finance

£302 million has been raised across 76 deals in dedicated cyber security firms in 2022

Access to finance

There are more than


cyber security companies in the UK

UK capital investment in cyber security


in Europe

The UK employed more than


people in the cyber security sector in 2022. This represents growth of 10% since 2021

Partner story

iProov: 'The quality of computer science expertise is unrivalled.'

iProov: 'The quality of computer science expertise is unrivalled.'

partner story

LORCA: 'The UK has always had, and will always have, a global mindset.'

LORCA: 'The UK has always had, and will always have, a global mindset.'

"The pool of skilled staff in technology, marketing, sales and operations that we can access here in London is unrivalled anywhere else."

Andrew Bud, Chief Executive and Founder iProov

"The Financial Conduct Authority is considered by international regulators as one of the most progressive and supportive bodies approaching innovation. They are very happy to work with and talk to emerging technology businesses in the finance sector."

Asif Faruque, Head of Content Level39

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