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  • Be part of the largest cyber security market in Europe valued at over £6bn
  • Choose from talent pool of 30,000 people employed in the industry
  • Benefit from a supportive government with £1.9bn in cyber security investments committed by 2021
  • Enjoy unmatched understanding of the needs of the industry
  • Join a cluster of more than 800 cyber companies, from start-ups to small and medium sized enterprises, already in the UK

Securing the future

The UK cyber security market is the largest in Europe, valued at over £6bn. World leading cyber firms are located here, taking advantage of exceptional pipelines for talent and investment. The UK provides ready access to the cutting-edge cyber security expertise that will keep firms resilient and competitive as the cyber landscape evolves. 

A thriving UK cyber security sector is a key national security and prosperity aim - as set out in the Government's five-year National Cyber Security Strategy. Its National Cyber Security Centre supports this aim through its mission to make the UK the safest place in the world to do business online. Meanwhile, the Government-funded London Office for Rapid Cyber Advancement is a centre for driving innovation and positioning the UK as a leader in the fast growing industry. 

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The best access to cyber talent

With 14 UK universities offering  27 MSc courses in cyber security, and recruitment fairs such as Silicon Milkroundabout match graduates and tech-workers with high-skilled jobs around the UK - the UK enjoys the world’s lowest levels of skills shortages in the cyber security sector. 

Exporting cyber security services to the world

The UK's cyber sector exports have grown strongly in recent years, and are predicted to continue - rising from £1.8bn in 2017, to £2.6bn by 2021

Phenomenal growth

Since 1999, the number of UK firms involved in cyber security has grown eight-fold, with 50% growth between 2012 and 2017

Phenomenal growth

Established community

There are over 200 established cyber security product and service providers within Central London alone

Established community

Access to finance

Avast's listing on the London Stock Exchange was the largest tech IPO in Europe in 2018, raising over $800m

Access to finance


cyber security companies in the UK


capital investment in Europe in cyber security


UK government investment in training 6,000 young people in modern cyber security skills

"The pool of skilled staff in technology, marketing, sales and operations that we can access here in London is unrivalled anywhere else."

Andrew Bud, Chief Executive and Founder iProov

"The Financial Conduct Authority is considered by international regulators as one of the most progressive and supportive bodies approaching innovation. They are very happy to work with and talk to emerging technology businesses in the finance sector."

Asif Faruque, Head of Content Level39

Partner story

iProov: 'The quality of computer science expertise is unrivalled.'

iProov: 'The quality of computer science expertise is unrivalled.'

partner story

LORCA: 'The UK has always had, and will always have, a global mindset.'

LORCA: 'The UK has always had, and will always have, a global mindset.'

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