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Wealth management The UK's competitive and globally connected wealth management sector has experienced a significant growth in recent years and is ranked among the best in the world. /wealth-management

Wealth management downloadable factsheet /resources/wealth-management

Strengthening the wealth management industry /resources/strengthening-the-wealth-management-industry

Industries The UK and London are home to some of the world’s leading professional and financial services, including asset management, fintech, law, wealth management and banking. /industries

Privacy The Global City is committed to protecting your privacy when you use any of our services. This privacy notice explains how we protect your privacy. /legal/privacy

Manchester Grow your business in Manchester. A leading financial and professional services centre with an expertise in banking, private equity and asset and wealth management. /the-uk-offer/manchester

China International Capital Corporation - the global investment bank with a large UK base /resources/case-studies/cicc

Banking and capital markets The UK and London are ranked among the world’s banking capitals, with the best in capital markets, retail banking and wealth management, drawing upon world-class expertise. /banking-and-capital-markets

The UK's most exciting fintech sectors /resources/the-uk-s-most-exciting-fintech-sectors-en

Green finance Establish your business in the UK and London. A world leader in green finance infrastructure, which is ranked number one for quality in the Global Green Finance Index. /green-finance

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