Infrastructure financing

The future of infrastructure investment

The UK's offer

  • Access deep capital pools and a global investor base
  • Participate in the leading centre for infrastructure finance in Europe
  • Tap into the expertise of the world's leading speciality risk insurance market
  • Benefit from the UK's strong regulatory, legal and business environment
  • Access the specialist advisory services to support infrastructure financing

Financing global ambition

The UK offers deep capital pools, a global investor base, and the world's leading specialty risk insurance markets. Supported by legal and other advisory services, its mature and diverse financial ecosystem is a global hub for major infrastructure financing. Many of the world’s leading infrastructure advisory services firms are based in London, including financing, procurement, project development, accounting, tax, mergers and acquisitions, regulation, and risk management.

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is a leading hub for sustainable finance and its expertise in the provision of green finance is reshaping the infrastructure investment landscape. To help investors identify sustainable investment opportunities, the LSE introduced the Green Economy Mark recognising London-listed companies and funds that derive more than half of their revenues from environmental related products and services. The majority of companies recognised with the Green Economy Mark are in infrastructure financing related sectors. 

A global infrastructure hub

The UK is the leading centre for infrastructure finance in Europe. Its financial ecosystem brings together investors, financiers, advisors and insurance providers among others, making it an ideal global hub for infrastructure financing.

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Expertise and capability

All of the top ten infrastructure investment managers have a presence in the UK.

Expertise and capability

Insurance for any project

Lloyd’s, the world’s biggest specialist insurance and reinsurance market, has a unique capacity to reinsure risks of big infrastructure projects anywhere in the world

Insurance for any project

A growth market

An estimated $6.9 trillion of global infrastructure investment is needed each year between now and 2030, to meet climate and development objectives.

A growth market

A culture of innovation

With a reputation for innovation and collaboration, the UK is perfectly placed to develop the innovative solutions needed for ambitious development worldwide: from the sophisticated insurance solutions offered by the world's largest specialty risk market, to the 'greening' of the far-reaching Belt and Road Initiative through sustainable finance leadership. 


in infrastructure project loans

the largest issuance across Europe, accounting for nearly one fifth of the EMEA infrastructure loan market in 2022


in infrastructure project bonds

making the UK one of the major global sources of infrastructure debt financing in 2022

The top ten

infrastructure investment managers

all have a presence in the UK

Partner story

Estates and Infrastructure Exchange: 'Everyone being in the room together makes a huge difference.'

Estates and Infrastructure Exchange: 'Everyone being in the room together makes a huge difference.'

Partner Story

ThomasLloyd: 'A lot of infrastructure projects get financed in London so it is a natural location for us.'

ThomasLloyd: 'A lot of infrastructure projects get financed in London so it is a natural location for us.'

"A combination of deep and liquid debt and equity finance markets, world class asset management capabilities along with associated advisory, legal, technical and insurance services have enabled London to become one of the key global infrastructure financing hubs."

Andrew Rose, Chief Executive Global Infrastructure Investor Association

"In the age that we are in, your base could in effect be anywhere for a digital business. But in terms of the stature that comes from being positioned where we are, the connections that are available and the way that we can bring the teams that we work with in and out of this venue, our current location is ideal."

Dan Garrity, Marketing Manager Estates and Infrastructure Exchange

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