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  • 40,000 people were directly employed in the UK wealth management sector in 2021
  • UK wealth managers look after £1.4tn in assets
  • Around 2.4m people in the UK use wealth managers

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The UK's competitive and globally connected market offers wealth managers opportunities to diversify client portfolios and make investments with support from an integrated network of professional services firms.

The UK's wealth management sector has experienced significant growth in assets in recent years. With total investment assets increasing to £1.4tn as of Q3 2021 – equivalent to about 62.8% of the UK’s GDP in 2021. While London is the sector’s leading hub, it has a significant presence across the UK, with clusters of expertise in Scotland and the South East, the South West and the North West regions in England.

One of the world's leading centres

The UK is the world's second largest wealth management centre by market size and has grown by 13% in 2020.  

Growth in assets overseen by UK wealth managers

Assets overseen by UK wealth managers have risen consistently in recent years – they grew by 20% between 2018 and 2020

Growth in assets overseen by UK wealth managers


people in the UK use wealth managers

for investment, retirement and tax planning advice


in assets

looked after by UK wealth managers


of GDP

the equivalent value of assets looked after by UK wealth managers



employed directly by the UK's wealth management industry

Partner story

Salonica Group

Salonica Group

Partner story

China International Capital Corporation

China International Capital Corporation

"One of the reasons that we've been able to have quite a diverse geographical client base is because many of our clients like coming to London throughout the year so it's quite easy from a client management perspective."

Omar Majid, Director Salonica Group

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