The UK's offer

  • The UK is the largest centre for asset management outside the US
  • £11.6tn of assets under management
  • Pioneers of sustainable and responsible investing – a key future trend for global asset managers and asset owners
  • A truly international market: 46% of assets under management are managed for overseas investors
  • A hotspot for global managers: over half of the UK AUM are managed by firms with overseas headquarters

Global Investment Futures

The UK is a world-leading investment management centre. We are a great place to do business, a great place to invest in a greener future and a great place to connect to global talent and global markets.  

Our skills and expertise, strength in sustainable investment and green finance, and our pioneering fintech sector, means that the UK has a strong offer for international investment managers and asset owners.  

The City of London Corporation, the Department for International Trade and the Investment Association have launched Global Investment Futures, an international campaign to promote and support the UK’s leading investment management offer.  

If you would like to be kept up to date with the Global Investment Futures campaign activities, please get in touch.

Why the UK?

The UK remains one of the largest, most diverse, and globally connected centres of financial services in the world. It is home to a leading investment management centre and supporting ecosystem that have developed over many years.

It is the second largest investment management centre in the world, accounting for approximately 14% of global assets under management (AUM), outranking the next three largest European countries combined. Assets are managed for clients at home and overseas, and a large number of overseas investors already operate offices in London and other cities.

In the UK, asset owners and managers have access to a large market, world-class talent, and a thriving professional services ecosystem. London is one of the world's few truly global cities, a place that celebrates diversity and incubates innovation. 

Whether you are looking for investment opportunities, or you are looking to expand your overseas footprint, the UK has an extremely compelling proposition, and we welcome you.

Download 'The UK’s offering for global asset owners and managers'

Download 'The UK’s offering for global asset owners and managers'

The UK's offering for Australian asset owners

The UK's offering for Australian asset owners

The UK's offering for US asset owners

The UK's offering for US asset owners

City AM

London and Tokyo: a tale of two cities connecting national financial centres

London and Tokyo: a tale of two cities connecting national financial centres
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A great place to do business

The UK has an excellent track record in serving global partners: 46% of the UK’s total assets under management are managed on behalf of international clients

A great place to do business
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A great place to invest in a greener future

The UK is an asset management hub with ESG expertise: close to £90bn of responsible funds under management in 2021 – a 62% increase from the previous year

A great place to invest in a greener future
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A great place to connect to global talent and global markets

A global hub - some 75% of the equities managed in the UK are international equities

A great place to connect to global talent and global markets


The UK's core offering


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An investment powerhouse...

• The largest centre for asset management in Europe and second largest in the world

• A global mix of players, housing 1,100+ asset management firms from 37 countries.

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A gateway to the world...

• 46% of the UK’s total assets managed are managed on behalf of overseas clients

• 99% of the world’s business activity takes place in locations in time zones that overlap with the UK’s working day

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A pioneer for innovation in financial services…

• The UK fintech ecosystem ranks 1st in Europe and 2nd globally, only behind the Silicon Valley

•  A leader in green finance: London ranks No. 1 in the Global Green Finance Index (GGFI) 

• ~300 newly launched green, ethical, and alternative energy funds in the UK in 2021 – highest among all major financial centres


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A mixing pot of global talent

• A strong talent pool of 2.4m workers in financial and professional services

• One in five employees in the UK investment industry is from overseas

• The UK’s High Potential Individual Visa and Graduate visa scheme aims to attract young international talents to live and work in the UK

Global Investment Management Summit Highlights

The Global Investment Management Summit brought together CEOs, government figures and leading thinkers for two days of insightful and stimulating content which demonstrated the UK’s continued growth as a global hub of financial innovation.

Watch the video

How we will support you

  • Access to market opportunities and introductions to industry specialists
  • Networking opportunities to interact with global events and the Asset Management ecosystem in the UK (including managers, advisers, and senior VIPs) 
  • Facilitating introductions with local UK organisations and building bespoke programmes for visiting Asset Owners and Asset Managers
  • Advice on setting up in the UK and selecting the best market location
  • Guidance and support on navigating the UK’s regulatory and tax frameworks including FCA Asset Management Authorisation Hub
  • Opportunity for International membership of the Investment Association
  • To find out more about how we can support you, or if you would like to be kept up to date with the Global Investment Futures campaign, please let us know below. 
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"Our position at the crossroads of Europe’s biggest financial and tech sectors make us one of the globe’s foremost hubs for innovation. Our unique combination of time zone, language, legal system, global talent, and financial services ecosystem which makes us truly a gateway to global capital and advice."

Alderman Nicholas Lyons Lord Mayor of the City of London

"Managing over £11 trillion in assets across the UK, the sector accounts for a remarkable 14% of all global assets under management and employs more than 122,000 people, creating economic growth and boosting productivity."

Dominic Johnson Minister for Investment

"The UK is the home of the world’s leading investment managers. From global firms to specialist boutiques, the industry has deep expertise across all asset classes and markets. The industry is pioneering innovation in a market with a global outlook, high standards for stewardship, conducive regulation and a culture that is diverse and rich in talent – and where people are focused on client needs. "

Chris Cummings Chief Executive of the Investment Association

"The benefits of an on the ground presence in London have certainly been realised – access to talent, increased investment opportunities, and being part of a mature and substantial investment and financial ecosystem. "

Daniel Moloney, Head of Investments, International AustralianSuper