Countrywide Expertise

UK-wide financial expertise

Attracting unprecedented inward investment, expand into Europe's financial hub

The UK's offer

  • The largest trade surplus in financial and professional services of any country in the world
  • 2.3 million people work in financial and professional services
  • Two thirds of financial and professional services jobs are outside London
  • Clusters of world-leading expertise around the country
  • 22 towns and cities have talent pools of over 10,000 financial and professional services workers

Inward investment allows your business to expand

The financial and professional services industry is a major driver of the UK economy, with 2.3 million people working in the sector - or one in every 14 jobs. London is Europe's largest centre, but two-thirds of those jobs are outside London, and most are high skilled. 

The UK acts as a magnet for financial services foreign direct investment. It attracted more than double the inward investment than any other sector in the UK in 2016.

Centres of excellence

Excellence is spread across the UK's rapidly growing clusters of finance and tech expertise, together forming a network of innovative and specialised financial and professional services hubs. UK cities are home to outstanding talent - highly skilled professionals in world leading specialisms.