An international and specialist workforce

Accessing home and international talent

The global leadership offered by the UK's deep pool of talent stands vast and unmatched

The UK's offer

  • Recruit from 2.4 million strong talent pool of workers in financial and professional services
  • Attract the best of international talent - with London ranked most appealing destination for global workers in the BCG Global Talent Survey
  • Benefit from a diverse workforce with deep global connections to every corner of the world - 300 languages spoken daily
  • Stay ahead with access to the best of international tech talent - with London ranked the number one destination in Europe for international technology workers

Tap into the UK's wealth of talent

With great quality of life, a vibrant and diverse culture and an open and welcoming attitude - the UK is both a magnet for global talent and a deep pool of high-skilled homegrown talent. Firms can recruit from a pool of 2.4 million specialist financial and professional services workers UK-wide.

A global centre of academic excellence, with strong links between academic institutes and business, the UK is home to the high skilled sectors shaping the future of finance, and is growing the skills it needs to stay competitive: London hosts more highly qualified AI experts and software developers than any other European city. With 58.5% of the workforce educated to at least degree level, it is home to one of the most skilled workforces in the world. 

Number 1 for magnetism

For the 9th consecutive year, London is ranked first for "magnetism" in the Global Power City Index (GPCI) - for its power to attract people, capital and enterprises from around the world.

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A pipeline of high skilled talent

The UK is recognised as a global centre of academic excellence and its universities are consistently ranked amongst the best in the world. The UK also attracts a very large volume of students from abroad, contributing strongly to the diverse and high-quality talent pool the financial and professional sector benefits from.

London is often cited as a top location of choice for internationally mobile and skilled people, and it offers the very best of professional courses and training for professionals across the financial and professional services sector.


The UK attracts 538,615 international students from over 200 countries

4 of 20

top ranked universities in the world are in the UK

14 of 100

top universities in the world for finance and related subjects are in the UK

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Staying power: the UK as a magnet for global talent

A year after the end of freedom of movement, and following two years of pandemic restrictions, how are UK businesses attracting global talent?

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"I think in London you can pretty much find anyone with any kind of intellectual strength that you want."

Omar Majid, Director Salonica Group

"When we get asked why don’t you move more jobs to Europe, show me a European landscape that offers the same opportunities. London still offers a lot more talent and jobs."

Axel Weber UBS Chairman

"In terms of talent, the Birmingham-based Silicon canal area is rife. There is a real high quality of talent based in the Midlands and there are quite a lot of tech hubs from fintech through to legaltech around here too."

Elizabeth Basten, Chief Marketing Officer Clarilis

Scale, range and expertise

The UK's financial and professional services sector has unparalleled range: from banking to insurance; asset management to green finance; professional services to fintech. The knowledge, experience, performance and talent across each of the sector’s verticals in the UK is world class, making the UK uniquely positioned to provide financial and professional services to the world.

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