Ed Price's

Letters from America

The City of London Corporation's Letters from America blog provides regular insight into how the UK-US relationship is evolving in financial and professional services.

To that end, it also looks at US policy, regulatory, economic and financial conditions.

About the author

Ed Price joined the City of London Corporation as its new Managing Director US in January 2024. Before that, he was Principal for Geopolitical Forecasting at Ergo, a risk consultancy, and served in the British Consulate New York between 2017 and 2021.

Ed is also a non-resident Senior Fellow at New York University, where he teaches classes in International Political Economy. He holds a degree in International History from the London School of Economics, a Master's degree in German History from University College London and a Master's degree in Finance and Economic Policy from the University of London.

A look at U.S. trade policy

Is American trade policy protectionist?

Is American trade policy protectionist?