Innovation, creativity and a future focus

Innovation that expands boundaries

Always two steps ahead, the UK's talent for lateral thinking and innovation builds a successful future

The UK's offer

  • Thrive in the centre that ranks top for innovation on multiple indices
  • Innovate in the top-ranked country in Europe and the second-ranked country globally for fintech investment
  • Benefit from the best in science and technology expertise – the UK is home to the world’s most intensive S&T clusters in Cambridge and Oxford
  • Collaborate in a forward-looking policy environment with regulators who actively support innovation
  • Access the right funding to start up and grow

Reach for the bigger picture and build your success

Innovation over centuries has been at the heart of what has made the UK an enduring global powerhouse for financial and professional services. From pioneering western provision of Islamic finance to internationalising the renminbi, through to peer to peer lending and international green bond issuances, the UK is world-leading in bringing innovation to market. With a creative, energetic and entrepreneurial culture, and a vibrant startup scene providing role models and mentors, the UK is the natural home for the dynamic firms and sectors redefining the future. With incubators and co-working spaces, the best in global talent, a welcoming business and regulatory environment, and a robust investment pipeline - innovation is what we do.

The finance sector has embraced its evolution as fintech becomes part of its core offering: re-imagining the customer experience, delivering new client-centric and innovative products, services and solutions and increasing the efficiency of established players. 

Locate, create, and innovate: London in a changing world

The pace of digital change is spurring innovation across London’s financial and professional services industries. What does this mean for the types of roles and talent that companies need? 

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London ranks as the leading Tech City of the Future

making it a top location for start-ups and tech and innovation investment

Joint #2

London ranks among the top 3 startup ecosystems globally

tied with New York City and second only to Silicon Valley


of the top 10 ‘Fintech 50’ firms

are headquartered in London


London is home to over 2,100 fintech companies

more than any other global city

Funding innovation

The UK provides outstanding access to investment for firms in the sectors redefining the future - at all stages of growth. Venture capital and private equity is concentrated in the UK, which attracts far more funding than any other European centre. Both the AIM growth market, and the main market on the London Stock Exchange are prime listing locations for firms in sectors such as fintech, cyber security, and artificial intelligence.


in venture capital funding raised by London tech companies

more than any other European city


in venture capital funding raised by London fintech companies

almost half of all fintech capital raised in Europe


More billion dollar plus ‘unicorn’ startups

in London than any other city in Europe

Partnering the world in innovative solutions

As the most open, connected and global financial centre, the UK partners the world to build innovative technologies and pioneering solutions to support growth - worldwide.


A partner in the first ever fintech bridge agreement

with Singapore


International fintech bridges

helping to ease cross border friction and support global scaling - Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore

Over 50

jurisdictions working with the UK regulator (FCA)

to support financial innovation as part of the Global Financial Innovation Network

Partner story



Partner Story

Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank

Partner Story

Simmons Wavelength

Simmons Wavelength

Partner story

Tribe Payments

Tribe Payments

Leadership in green finance

The City of London has established the Green Finance Institute - a ‘one-stop-shop’ for international engagement on this fast-growing sector

Leadership in green finance

Expertise in artificial intelligence

London ranks first among mega cities globally (10+ million population) on AI readiness with London best able to adapt and thrive in the coming age of AI

Expertise in artificial intelligence

Cybersecurity for the world

The UK is the world’s third largest exporter of security services. Cyber security accounts for the largest share of these exports at 55%

Cybersecurity for the world

"The presence of so many different angels, financial services and consulting professionals in the UK, makes it easy to get Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and EIS funding. This is further encouraged by the recent Kalifa Review where they are proposing to expand R&D tax credits, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCT)."

Vishnu Chundi, Co-founder and CEO AssetVault

"There is so much experience and innovation in the digitisation of financial services here in the UK that I think the UK will be able to play a disproportionately important role globally by rolling out those innovations into other markets."

Nadia Sood, Group CEO and Founder CreditEnable

"In terms of innovative fintech startups, London was the obvious choice as the hub of cutting-edge technology companies that redefine various industries and sectors."

Sylvia Carrasco, Founder and CEO Goldex

"There are a lot of things about the UK ecosystem that make it a really good place for innovation in professional services. The UK is a space where folks are not afraid of collaboration. I've seen competitors time and time again join up for the greater good. That is not something that you find in most markets."

Erika Concetta Pagano, Head of Legal Innovation and Design Simmons Wavelength

Scale, range and expertise

The UK's financial and professional services sector has unparalleled range: from banking to insurance; asset management to green finance; professional services to fintech. The knowledge, experience, performance and talent across each of the sector’s verticals in the UK is world class, making the UK uniquely positioned to provide financial and professional services to the world.

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