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Enabling the Voluntary Carbon Market in the context of the Paris Agreement

Posted: 8 Dec 2022

Resource Type: Research Report


Climate change is a global issue that requires a co-ordinated global response. The Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan agreed at COP27 concluded that a global transformation to a low-carbon economy is expected to require investment of at least USD $4-6 trillion a year.

The City of London Corporation, the UK Voluntary Carbon Markets Forum, and Clifford Chance LLP have collaborated on this research paper to identify and help address some of the most pertinent uncertainties and other issues facing the Paris mechanisms and the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). It is intended to promote useful discussion on the topic globally and drive forward progress.

As the need for climate action becomes increasingly urgent, and the number of firms committing to net-zero continues to grow rapidly, the VCM could reach USD $50 billion in value by 2030. However, uncertainties surrounding Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and its implications for the VCM are holding back activity.

The VCM presents an opportunity for immediate climate action by delivering the significant private funding to climate positive investments. The VCM also enables companies to support decarbonisation beyond their own carbon footprint and accelerate the broader transition to a lower carbon future.

Download the executive summary.

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