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Case study catalogue 2023 | How Financial Services are helping to deliver a Just Transition

Posted: 24 May 2023

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Firms across the financial and professional services sector are delivering and enabling projects that support positive and measurable outcomes for communities and the planet.

This catalogue highlights examples from different financial services sub-sectors across the UK, emerging markets, and other jurisdictions globally. At the same time it showcases a wide variety of activities and approaches to delivering a Just Transition.

It has been developed by KPMG as part of the City of London Corporation’s Finance for Impact initiative. By demonstrating best practice these case studies aim to help the wider industry push forward on the Just Transition agenda. As more and more financial institutions align activities and investments with Just Transition principles, a multiplier effect will see the industry accelerating progress.

Examples of projects include:

  1. Lending for co-operative community owned wind turbines to reduce energy costs and COemissions in Wales.
  2. Supporting the world’s largest coal exporting port on Australia’s east coast to decarbonise operations and diversify, while managing impacts on the local community and protecting regional prosperity.
  3. A guarantee issuer supporting the funding of a metro line in Brazil to improve access to education, and reduce inequalities while also improving air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. An investment framework to analyse companies’ indigenous rights practices, particularly for land demand related to wind and solar generation.
  5. An insurance mechanism to increase humanitarian funding relief for climate related disasters globally.
  6. A sustainability-linked loan to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Wales, bringing down energy costs and tackling fuel poverty
  7. An investment strategy mobilising capital towards areas that are critical to the transition of food systems – including land use and agriculture – while also ensuring sustainable food consumption and access to nutrition for all.
  8. Developing a sustainable infrastructure strategy to provide debt capital to renewable energy projects that include measurable social objectives in emerging markets.
  9. An investment in a leading provider of energy efficiency and low carbon services to reduce fuel poverty in the UK.
  10. An investor initiative designed to align more capital with a fair and inclusive transition to net zero.

The Net Zero Delivery Summit 2023

The Net Zero Delivery Summit 2023

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