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A global centre for nature finance

Posted: 14 Sep 2023

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1st London currently sits at the top
of the Global Green Finance Index
Halting and reversing the depletion of our natural environment will require a coordinated global response.

The 2022 Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) agreement was a watershed moment for nature, and a catalyst for governments to start putting in place clear targets and roadmaps to improve our relationship with the natural world. With a significant financing gap for nature (upwards of £200 billion per year) it is clear that coordinated action between public and private sectors is needed.

The City of London Corporation, in collaboration with PwC, and with support from the Green Finance Institute present this new report “A global centre for nature finance” which outlines our vision for an innovative and world leading centre for nature finance that supports the ambition of the GBF.

This report evaluates the readiness of the UK to take on this role and the required next steps. Mapping the current UK nature finance ecosystem, including market tools, participants, and the enabling infrastructure, it presents a roadmap for the UK to build on its position as a leading centre for green finance and become a global centre for nature finance.


Our ambition is for the City of London to become the one-stop-shop for countries and companies looking for capital and expertise to meet their climate goals. The aim of this report is to develop a roadmap for the UK as a global capital for nature finance and wield a significant opportunity to drive investment in nature-related projects to transition to a global economy that is fair, decarbonised and balanced with nature.

Chris Hayward,
Policy Chairman, City of London Corporation


current annual investments in nature-based solutions needed by 2030


people in England estimated to be working in the fields of conservation, environment and adjacent areas


of global GDP, equivalent to about £45.8tn, is moderately or highly dependent on nature.

Vision for economic growth

Anchoring the UK as a leader in sustainable finance

Anchoring the UK as a leader in sustainable finance

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