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2021: A critical year for regtech

Posted: 16 Apr 2021

Resource Type: Research Report


Innovative technologies provided by the UK RegTech industry can help financial services to better meet their regulatory obligations. Our research investigates the current state of play for UK RegTech, examining the opportunities and challenges to the future growth and success of the industry. Regulation now penetrates to the core of all financial institutions whether they focus on insurance, banking or asset management.

The City of London Corporation, in partnership with RegTech Associates, has undertaken research to understand the opportunities and challenges for this emerging sector. In this new report, we recommend a set of measures to further support the sector to grow and thrive, adding value to the broader financial services sector and the UK economy.

The UK has long been recognised globally as a thought leader in financial regulation, so it is no surprise that both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England have been proactive in their approach to technology innovation.

Catherine McGuinness
Policy Chair of the City of London Corporation

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