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Championing sustainable finance: the UK's global offer

Posted: 1 Jul 2021

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Championing sustainable finance cover imageThere have been strong pushes to ramp up sustainable finance all over the world, but many markets lack the comprehensive ecosystem for sustainable finance to take off.

The UK offers a well-developed ecosystem featuring international participants, strong expertise, great size and depth of capital and strong policy support. It has all the ingredients to become the go-to location for both UK and international issuers, investors and professional services providers to tap into the sustainable finance opportunities. 

UK financial services businesses are ready to contribute their strengths to mobilising and scaling up sustainable finance in the UK and across the world, driving forward the transition to a greener, more sustainable future.

Alderman William Russell
Rt Hon Lord Mayor of the City of London

Catherine McGuinness
Policy Chair of the City of London Corporation

The UK’s comprehensive green finance ecosystem


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Roles in sustainable finance

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UK’s strengths and offers

Government and regulators Build a ‘green’ financial system through policy and regulations to drive momentum for sustainable finance

• Targeted policies and regulations to systematically change the financial system

• Thought leadership by promoting best practices in the UK and internationally

Market infrastructures and domestic standard-setting bodies Provide platforms and tools to commercialise and scale sustainable finance

• Pioneers in innovations of platforms and tools

• Ideal location for knowledge exchange

• Thought leadership through standard setting and promoting ESG integration

Investors and investment managers Invest with sustainability factors in considerations and invest for positive impacts

• Great size and depth of international capital pool

• Strong capability in implementing sustainable investment strategy

Corporates and issuers Supply green finance opportunities by developing qualified projects and products

• Strong ESG awareness and integration

• The hub for both UK and international issuers

Services providers Provide supporting services to investors and issuers

• The global financial centre with top talents and expertise in sustainable finance

• Innovative solutions for sustainable finance



London tops the world in sustainable finance services and knowledge

1st G20 country

to pursue full mandatory TCFD disclosure

£40 bn

Estimated investment in UK infrastructure required per year on average in the next 10 years to net zero

£55 bn

The value of responsible investment (RI) funds under management in 2020

Mobilising private capital to reach net zero

It's estimated that US$1-2 trillion a year is needed to achieve net zero by 2050. With COP26 in Glasgow approaching, the UK has an opportunity to show leadership in financing the transition to net zero.  

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