Aim of the TFMR Call for Evidence

The UK has a significant opportunity to act as a global hub for financing transitional activities. To be successful, the benchmark that the UK sets in its approach to transition finance needs to strike the right balance between being:

  • Ambitious – encouraging meaningful and credible progress that is consistent with the UK’s legally binding net zero by 2050 target and carbon budgets, as well as the Paris Agreement’s global goal to limit temperature increase to well below 2 and preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius, and;
  • Fit-for-purpose – enabling uptake and the scaling of transition finance among market actors in a manner consistent with policy, regulatory and technology developments, while avoiding unintended consequences such as capital flight, the creation of social or systemic risks, or threatening environmental integrity.

To help us in developing our thinking on how that balance can best be struck, the Review welcomes views on the questions contained in the Call for Evidence from a diverse set of market actors.

How to respond

The Call for Evidence will be open for submissions until 25th April 2024. Download the Call for Evidence below and submit your responses here. 

Any additional evidence that you wish to provide can be provided by email to Please also use this contact if you have any questions.

Transition Finance Market Review

Download the Call for Evidence

Download the Call for Evidence

Please take note of the following guidance for submissions:

  • Your response will be most useful if it is framed in direct response to the questions posed, and with evidence in support wherever possible
  • It is not necessary to answer every question
  • Please state whether you are responding as an individual or representing an organisation
  • We ask that your submission not exceed 400 words per question.
  • Please use the portal link provided to submit answers as we do not have resources to manage responses that are entirely provided by email.

About you

When you submit your response, you will be prompted to provide basic information about yourself or your organisation. This helps us to analyse responses and viewpoints.

Confidentiality and data protection

Information you provide in response to this consultation, including personal information, may be disclosed in accordance with UK legislation (the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004).

If you want the information that you provide to be treated as confidential please tell us, but be aware that we cannot guarantee confidentiality in all circumstances. An automatic confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT system will not be regarded by us as a confidentiality request.

We will process your personal data in accordance with all applicable data protection laws. 

If you have any questions, please contact