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Solidifying its reputation as a sustainability world leader, Ben Constable-Maxwell on M&G's new app /resources/case-studies/m-g

Asset management downloadable factsheet /resources/asset-management

A deep and broad offer The UK's financial and professional services sector is filled with global business opportunities, across industries like banking, insurance, asset management and fintech. /financial-professional-services

Talent The UK and London are a magnet for global talent, with a great quality of life, diverse culture and world-leading workforces that are shaping the future of finance. /the-uk-offer/global-talent

Management consulting Grow your management consultancy business in the UK, where the management consultancy industry is recognised as the largest in Europe and one of the best in the world. /management-consultancy

Asset management Grow your asset management company in the UK - the main asset management centre outside of the US, with over a third of London’s assets managed for overseas investors. /industries/asset-management

London is a world leading asset management centre. BNP Parabas' Roger Miners explains why /resources/case-studies/london-is-a-world-leading-asset-management-centre-bnp-parabas-roger-miners-explains-why

Daniel Grant Smith, Head of Engagement at Legatics, tells us about the benefits of being part of the /resources/case-studies/daniel-grant-smith,-head-of-engagement-at-legatics,-tells-us-about-the-benefits-of-being-part-of-the

Business environment The UK is one of the safest and easiest places to do business in the world and is one of the highest ranking countries in the world’s ease of doing business index. /the-uk-offer/business-environment

Cyber security in the UK - downloadable factsheet /resources/cyber-security

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