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'Powering the Fintech Revolution': the UK sectors driving innovative solutions in the current globa /resources/powering-the-fintech-revolution-the-uk-sectors-driving-innovative-solutions-in-the-current-globa

Leeds A Financial Centre of Excellence, Leeds is the ideal location to grow your business with international banks, law firms, accountancy firms and a growing insurance sector. /the-uk-offer/leeds

Luminance - leading the way in legal AI platforms /resources/case-studies/luminance-leading-the-way-in-legal-ai-platforms

Privacy The Global City is committed to protecting your privacy when you use any of our services. This privacy notice explains how we protect your privacy. /legal/privacy

Fintech The UK is a world-leading fintech centre, with an innovative approach to regulation, the best global talent and more fintech funding than any other centre in Europe. /fintech

Lawtech Innovation in the UK’s legal sector is creating new roles, skills, and uses for technology. Our Global City campaign highlights the strengths of this ecosystem and how collaboration between technology and the legal sector is leading to greater competitiveness. /industries/legal-services/lawtech

Andrew Packman from PwC On why the UK has such an attractive financial ecosystem /resources/pwc

Agvesto CEO, Dr Srini Sundaram, explains the company's long-term growth plans and the importance of /resources/case-studies/agvesto

A deep and broad offer The UK's financial and professional services sector is filled with global business opportunities, across industries like banking, insurance, asset management and fintech. /financial-professional-services

Wealth management The UK's competitive and globally connected wealth management sector has experienced a significant growth in recent years and is ranked among the best in the world. /wealth-management

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