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Darragh McCarthy, founder & CEO of FinTrU, tells us his future plans & why Northern Ireland works /resources/fintru

Home Grow your business in the UK and London. A world-leading centre for financial and professional services, benefiting from deep reserves of investment capital and talent. /

Daniel Grant Smith, Head of Engagement at Legatics, tells us about the benefits of being part of the /resources/case-studies/daniel-grant-smith,-head-of-engagement-at-legatics,-tells-us-about-the-benefits-of-being-part-of-the

Accountancy Grow your accountancy firm in the UK, a world leading market for financial expertise, with many of the largest global firms headquartered in London and across the UK. /accountancy

The UK's most exciting fintech sectors /resources/the-uk-s-most-exciting-fintech-sectors-en

Strengthening the wealth management industry /resources/strengthening-the-wealth-management-industry

Infrastructure finance downloadable factsheet /resources/infrastructure-finance

ThomasLloyd - global investment expertise and advice /resources/thomaslloyd

Belfast Invest in Belfast - ranked as the best small city for business friendliness, with a growing reputation as a financial services centre with close links to London and Dublin. /the-uk-offer/belfast-en

Opportunity The UK and London are full of business opportunities, with deep reserves of investment capital, global talent and one of the largest financial services centres in the world. /opportunity-for-business

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