Research Report

The City- how the right environment and infrastructure can attract the best people

Posted: 16 Jun 2019

Resource Type: Research Report


Globally businesses need to adapt to new ways of working and new technologies, and access to the right high skilled talent, globally, is at a premium. This report looks at how the right human environment, including buildings and public space, can help to attract the best people.

'Place is crucial when it comes to competing for the brightest and the best'

Despite changing ways of working that enable people to work from anywhere, the research found that place increasingly matters for doing business, because the most sought after people, want to work in vibrant areas, with food and drink, well designed public realm, culture and activities, and in buildings designed to help them create and connect.  

Almost 90% of global institutional investors surveyed identified London as the best and most attractive European city for financial services talent.

Exploring the approach of key buildings in the City to enhancing the traditional office through well-being focused enviroments, shared workspace, and the benefits of designing for collaboration, the report looks at changing trends and the City's ability to compete for talent based on outstanding working enviroment.

the research programme on which the report was based includes a wide ranging series of 65 interviews and industry roundtables. It included some of the City’s major firms, and high skilled and mobile professionals, to provide new insights into the strategies that the most competitive firms are employing to attract the very best people.

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