Standard Life Aberdeen discusses opportunities within China's pension market

Posted: 29 Jul 2020

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The role of pensions and their place in the wider investment environment has long been understood and valued in the UK financial services sector. While this awareness of the central role pensions play is a trend being increasingly seen around the world, there remain challenges to retirement models, particularly in China amidst an aging population and a low birth rate.

In this webinar, global financial services group Standard Life Aberdeen discusses the characteristics and structure of China’s pensions market. Drawing on their extensive local experience and global case studies, they explain how on the back of local reform and the evolving role of asset managers in the ecosystem, China can access overseas investment solutions that offer opportunities for diversification within the savings landscape. 

Established in 1991, China’s three-pillar pension system to manage elderly care has taken steady steps in its development. Although traditionally focused on the Pillar I program and having made only small inroads to Pillars II and III so far, Chinese pensions assets have significant scale.  With collaboration between the local market and established centres such as the UK, pensions assets can be structured in a sustainable way that manages demographic pressures.


William Russell, the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation

Sir Douglas Flint, Chairman of Standard Life Aberdeen and HM Treasury’s Special Envoy to the Belt and Road Initiative 

Leandros Kalisperas, Global Head of Portfolio Solutions, Aberdeen Standard Investments

Standard Life Aberdeen PLC | Standard Life Aberdeen

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