Research Report

London successfully meets the challenge of a changing world

Posted: 4 Jun 2019

Resource Type: Research Report


The pace of digital change is spurring innovation across London’s financial and professional services industries. What does this mean for the types of roles and talent that companies need? How is the rise of tech disrupting the link between jobs and place and changing firms’ requirements for work environments? And how is this impacting on London’s evolving offer as a location for innovation?

50% of financial services firms saw collaboration across and within teams as the most important factor for innovation.

To understand the business perspective on these questions, together with the City Property Association, we talked to a cross-section of 65 property specialists and firms from across London – from large multinationals to fast-growing scaleups, ranging across financial services, telecoms, law, and insurance.

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We brought together property professionals and fintech firms in a roundtable to debate how changing needs are shaping location decisions. And, offering international insight, FTI Consulting undertook a global survey for this report, capturing the views of international business leaders on innovation and place.

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