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Posted: 4 Oct 2022

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The UK has £11.6tn of assets under management

The UK is a leading centre of asset management expertise with an outstanding global reputation. With £11.6tn of assets under management, it is the second largest centre overall, after the USA. 

The UK industry serves a wide range of retail and institutional clients globally, almost half of its total assets managed - some £4.6tn - are managed on behalf of international clients. It is by far the largest European centre, with 37% of all European assets managed in the UK - bigger than the next three European centres combined (France, Germany and Switzerland).  

The UK is a pioneer in driving sustainable and responsible investment - a growing trend worldwide, and close to 80% of the assets managed in the UK are subject to ESG stewardship activity. 

This factsheet gives an overview of key facts and statistics about the UK's asset management offer. 

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