The Lawtech Lifecycle

The lawtech lifecycle

Quality, integrity and accessibility of legal services are vital to long-term business success.  From SMEs to global corporations, and across all sectors, the use of legal services provides valuable strategic support throughout the lifecycle of a business.

As a centre of excellence, UK law firms are innovating with technology to deliver more client-oriented services, in a faster and more globally accessible manner. This adoption of technology also builds more resilient and collaborative practices that are fit for the future.

Below we take you through a video series to showcase how the UK's lawtech sector supports businesses and legal services in reaching their goals.

Lauren Riley, Founder & CEO of the LinkApp.

"We have a proud history in the legal profession here in the UK but not currently the reputation we need for adopting technology, that is an interesting space to start a legal tech business from. With over ten thousand law firms of various sizes, tech appetites, and specialisms there is a diverse landscape for legal tech here and I am really excited to see it grow over the coming years"

Lauren Riley, Founder & CEO, LinkApp

Lauren Riley founded the LinkApp as a way to change the client experience through lawtech.

Listen to her thoughts on the role of technology in law and how legal services are evolving in the UK.


Sarah Blair, Director of IT, Thorntons Solicitors

Working with a lawtech partner has enabled Thorntons Solicitors to deliver a frictionless digital client experience.

Listen to Sarah Blair talk about their experience using the LinkApp.


Alex McPherson, Founding Partner, Ignition Law

"London has been an invaluable place for Ignition Law to grow and develop. It has a hugely progressive, vibrant and supportive entrepreneurial community of start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurs generally.  The City boasts access to huge capital and world-leading legal and professional services firms, institutions, accelerator programmes and partners, with whom we work very collaboratively and synergistically.  There are first rate universities and Business Schools in, and near to London (and in the UK generally), which both spin-out their own incredible companies, as well as supporting extraordinarily talented entrepreneurs and business leaders.

"The UK, and London, are the best places to start-up and scale a business, to raise money and recruit talent. The UK’s hugely popular (and internationally respected) English legal system and tax incentives for early stage companies are also a huge draw for entrepreneurs. A national sense of championing new companies and entrepreneurs has really helped both on our journey and for the wider boom we are seeing in new companies."

Alex McPherson, Founder of Ignition Law


Dr Paul Rinne, CEO of GripAble

"London initially provided an incubator for our business within world leading academic institutions and, through them, access to world leading healthcare customers. This environment provided initial top student talent for hiring into and forming the company, and an ability to build and test prototype products in the real world. London then provided access to industry leading advisors and investor pools, with the ability to network and learn as the company grew.

"Additionally, the availability in the city of support services such as legal and accounting that understand the tech start-up ecosystem and needs of a growing company going from zero-to-world domination is invaluable. Finally, the international connectivity London has provided and the ability to say, 'we are from London', has given us now that initial foothold on the world stage."

Dr Paul Rinne, CEO of GripAble


Shilpa Bhandarkar, Global Head of Innovation, Linklaters

Technology helps firms to be more efficient and target client user experience. The use of it is widespread and the talent market makes the UK a remarkable place to be. Here, Shilpa Bhandarkar, Global Head of Innovation at Linklaters, discusses the five things that create an innovative legal culture and how she prioritises this action.


Christopher Georgiou, Partner and Head of Ashurst Advance

"Change in the UK legal sector is accelerating, and new roles are being created that have never existed before. Importantly, clients want trust, confidence and efficiency in legal services. The use of technology helps lawyers to look at the law differently and devote their time to value-added services."

Christopher Georgiou, Partner and Head of Ashurst Advance


Urvi Parekh and David Elliott, Data Scientists, BLM

"The UK has a strong lawtech industry, providing the opportunity for law firms to collaborate and grow together. Data has a big impact of law firms, helping lawyers to access knowledge and make better decisions for clients. Technology tools at the cutting edge of data science are applicable across business areas in legal services delivery."

Urvi Parekh and David Elliott, Data Scientists, BLM.