Lawtech in the UK

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  • The UK's legal sector employs over 338,000 people
  • Over £61 million was invested in lawtech in 2019, compared to just £2.5 million in 2016
  • The UK hosts almost half of all lawtech startups headquartered in Europe

Lawtech in the UK

The UK is host to the largest legal services market in Europe and is supported by world-renowned talent and dispute resolution facilities. The ability of English law to provide predictable and fair dispute resolution outcomes is essential to business-confidence and plays a key role in supporting the UK as an international financial centre. Legal services also provide strategic advice during many stages of a business' lifecycle, the breadth of which makes the UK an attractive place to start, run and scale a business.

Justice Week 2020

Quality, integrity and accessibility of legal services are vital to long-term business success. 

For Justice Week 2020, we spoke to three UK based law firms about how they're using lawtech to deliver more client-oriented services, in a faster and more accessible manner.

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Employing over 338,000 people, the legal sector is constantly developing new client support and innovation roles as well as alternative business structures to meet changing client needs. The UK legal sector is also using technology to provide tailored services to global businesses.

Over £61 million invested in lawtech in 2019

In 2019, over £61 million was invested in lawtech, compared to just £2.5million in 2016. Law firms are heavily invested in the sector, with some launching incubator tech hubs and others partnering with software developers to create custom products.

The Ministry of Justice has identified lawtech as a strategic opportunity to build on the UK’s competitive advantage in the legal and tech sectors. It is investing £2 million in projects for the ‘digital transformation of the UK legal sector’, which is being led by Tech Nation through LawtechUK.

There is also tremendous growth in lawtech start-ups, with the UK hosting almost half of those headquartered in the EU. The end effect is a legal services offering that is inherently more competitive because it is transparent, efficient and client centric.

This widespread development has put UK legal services at the cutting-edge of innovation. Lawtech attracts top talent in new roles such as data science and analytics, as well as knowledge management and information technology. This brings with it new perspectives and new ways of working. It also drives the advancement of infrastructure, improving productivity, resilience and security.

Lawtech enables businesses to access the advice they need to compete globally. In doing so, it builds a collaborative environment and helps the UK to be fit for the future.


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Ignition Law

Ignition Law

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Lawtech ABCs

This year’s virtual Legal Geek Conference showcased the innovation taking place in UK legal services with the help of technology, discussing data, operations, funding and more. Attended by 3,000 participants from across 83 countries, the live and interactive event brought together thought leaders and practitioners to talk lawtech. 

In this video, Theresa Yurkewich Hoffmann and Mary Kyle, of the City of London Corporation, and John O’Donovan, from Allen & Overy, tackle the ABCs of Lawtech.


"London is a global leader in legal innovation: Our vibrant ecosystem of start-ups, tech companies, and forward-looking, innovative law firms are powering the global revolution in law."

Sophia Adams Bhatti (Head of Strategy and Policy), Erika Pagano (Head of Legal Innovation and Design) Simmons Wavelength

"London is hard to beat as a launchpad for legaltech startups. Built on legal traditions, there is now a concentration of people in the City actively building the future of legal services using cloud-based technologies."

Paul Massey, CEO Tabled

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