Justice Week 2020

Justice Week 2020

Quality, integrity and accessibility of legal services are vital to long-term business success.

This Justice Week, we take a look at the role technology plays in legal innovation. More specifically, with the help of legaltech, UK law firms are working to deliver more client-oriented services, in a faster and more accessible manner.

Shilpa Bhandarkar, Global Head of Innovation, Linklaters

Shilpa discusses using legaltech to target client user experience and the five ways to create an innovative legal culture.

Christopher Georgiou, Partner and Head of Ashurst Advance

"Clients want trust, confidence and efficiency in legal services”. Chris speaks about how legaltech helps lawyers look at the law differently and devote time to value-added services.

Urvi Parekh and David Elliott, Data Scientists, BLM

The use of data helps lawyers access knowledge to make better decisions for clients. David and Urvi talk about the UK’s strong legaltech industry and the opportunity it provides for law firms to collaborate and grow together.