2 - 27 November 2020

Innovation Ambassadors

The first cohort

  • 4 weeks of virtual programming
  • 55 individuals (selected from 80 applications)
  • 34 organisations reflecting a mix of small to large legal services businesses, in-house teams, regulators, and professional bodies 
  • Professionals from legal, innovation, data science, IT and policy backgrounds
  • Experiencing ranging from 2 – 20 years

Innovation Ambassadors: Leading Change for the Future of Legal

Innovation Ambassadors is a pilot legal innovation programme designed to encourage collaboration across the legal industry, challenge existing orthodoxies in legal services delivery, and build on the sector’s digital literacy skills to promote innovation.

The programme, provided by the City of London Corporation, is aimed at developing ‘innovation ambassadors’ who have the skills and confidence to challenge traditional ways of doing things and drive change across the sector. It’s goal is to ensure the UK legal sector is equipped with the tools and perspective necessary to adapt to the future of legal services. It combines the strengths of our leading technology and legal clusters to foster an innovative ecosystem and ensure professional services remain competitive globally.

During the programme participants will be encouraged to re-think how legal services are delivered and develop a greater understanding of how technology can enable innovation. They will progress as small teams attending knowledge-building ‘power-hour’ sessions, workshops on key client challenges, a session on building the business case for digital investment, and sprints where they will design their own legal solutions. Participants will also have the opportunity to increase their familiarity with technology in their own practices and speak to start-up and established lawtech providers on the challenges and opportunities for innovation.

If you would like to register your interest for future updates, please email the innovation team